“The Olympic experience is unmatched in human endeavors. The depths of its personal impact, are mostly unrecognizable by a majority of those who witness it.

Few things epitomize the subtle and fragile difference between victory and defeat, for competitive titans, than the electric performances of USA  wrestlers in Tokyo.

Enduring efforts in the final fractions of seconds determined Olympic medals in an unprecedented fashion for both men and women.

What a magnificent display, to be applauded by all.

The uniqueness of the Olympics should give us all pause. Opportunities are limitless.

The greatest in the world, in hundreds of athletic events, convene in one place, to challenge their physical, mental, technical, emotional, and psychological skills under fire.

The cauldron of possible human pressure is immeasurable to those who witness, but always palpable, always definable, and always anticipated by those who compete.

All, who lay spent on the field of play, in defeat or victory, have earned one of the most precious parts of being human; pride in performance and preparation, abiding camaraderie, lifelong friendship, and overwhelming respect.

The Olympics are an attitude and a spirit. Nothing should confine it, restrict it, or ever diminish it.

To the majority of the world, the Olympics are entertainment, but for the truly challenged competitor, with a cherished dream, fed by the extremes of human commitment, sacrifice, and work ethic, they are A Way Of Life, and a measure of the best that life has to offer.”

– Russ Hellickson
1976 Silver Medalist
1980 Boycott Olympic Team Member
6x Olympic Games Commentator.