The A WAY OF LIFE Series brings to light the incredible stories of wrestling. Coach, Father, Ambassador, Miguel Rodriguez and the Long Beach Gladiators represent the infallibility that wrestling is more than a sport but rather a way of life.

CH 1 Discovering Purpose

Rodriguez’s son Elijah and Long Beach High School Wrestling Head Coach Ray Adams give some insight into Rodriguez’s background. They also talk about how wrestling first impacted his life. Rodriguez came to America as a teenager from Venezuela and after finding himself getting into some trouble was soon recruited by Adams and the wrestling team to join. Through support from his coaches and the community, it didn’t take long for Rodriguez to fall in love with the sport.  The challenge, drive, and no excuses part of wrestling got him hooked. He began helping coach at the youth level, then middle school, and high school. Rodriguez understood what his coaches did for him and found importance in doing the same for others.

CH 2 Helping Others (3:30)

Rodriguez uses his passion for wrestling as a vehicle for changing lives. His infectious compassion and willingness to help doesn’t stop at the doors of the wrestling room. The world works in mysterious ways and after receiving a medical visa to the United States, Dunia found himself falling in love with wrestling for the same reasons Rodriguez did, challenge, community, growth, and family.

CH 3 Connecting Cultures (7:08)

In September of 2017, Puerto Rico was hit with a devastating Hurricane that left Puerto Ricans without power and destroyed entire communities. Rodriguez invited the Puerto Rican Wrestling Team to New York City for Puerto Rico Day. Visiting the U.S. and their families is extremely important. Being able to march in the parade, the excitement and encouragement of the entire trip will truly impact the children’s lives. One of Rodriguez’s goals for all the kids he coaches is for them to understand that wrestling can create opportunities and propel them to do anything or go anywhere they dream. Another is that to wrestle is to have a family. Families take care of each other and if someone falls you pick them up. With a family, you can accomplish anything.


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