September 11, 2020 — Marysville, Ohio


For the first time in history, mainstream rock and roll officially enters the National Wrestling Community. The music of AC/DC has been playing in the background of the wrestlers’ journey for decades and now it will be a part of their wardrobe. RUDIS is proud to unveil an exclusive line of clothing featuring performance and lifestyle categories designed specifically for the wrestling community.

There are countless ways wrestlers psych themselves up and music is one of the most prevalent. RUDIS Co-Founder and CEO, Jesse Leng speaks about the connection between

AC/DC and wrestling,

“There is a war drum quality to the music of AC/DC; the sound simply calls you to action. Every wrestler can identify with the raw and powerful emotion that stirs when you hear a song like ‘Back in Black’ or ‘Thunderstruck’. No matter where you are, the intensity of AC/DC builds adrenaline. That’s wrestling.”

World and Olympic champion, Kyle Snyder, adds:

“Everything changes when AC/DC comes on the speakers. The intensity goes up to level 100 real quick. That’s what I think about when I’m training to AC/DC.”

From being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to over 200 million records sold worldwide, AC/DC is recognized as one of the greatest and most influential bands of rock.

“Officially Associating RUDIS with AC/DC elevates, not only our brand, but the entire wrestling community. The connection between rock and roll and wrestling already exists, but bringing it to life in this way is truly unique to our brand. Our goal is always to connect with the lifestyle of a wrestler and provide gear and apparel for authentic self expression,”

states Alaina Hanson, Chief Brand Officer.

The classic album covers and the band’s signature sound are captured in the design and artwork of this unique line of apparel. From t-shirts to athletic gear, including wrestling shorts and singlets, AC/DC is brought from the air waves to the mat.

Joining the ranks of ROCKY, MARVEL, Collegiate wrestling and more, AC/DC further solidifies RUDIS as the top lifestyle brand for wrestlers.

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