Early Learning is Important

Cary Kolat addresses the topic of counter offense wrestling. Specifically, Kolat was asked about how to coach and develop this skill set in youth wrestling. Learning counter offense techniques and mindset needs to be learned at an early age. Around age 9 is when Kolat believes kids can begin to take wrestling more serious and jump into learning a slightly more complex wrestling skill set. Instilling these techniques early will be beneficial later in a wrestlers career.

Effective Coaching

When Kolat was coming up through youth wrestling programs they didn’t teach these techniques. A low square stance, elbows in, protect yourself from your opponent’s offense attacks was the taught fundamentals. Kolat realized on his own he could score by baiting his opponent or allowing them to grab his leg so he could score counter offensively. There are only two ways you’re going to score in wrestling. Outside of your opponent breaking a rule, an offensive attack or counter-offensive attack are the only ways to score. Yet, most coaches and athletes spend all their time developing their offensive skills and no time teaching and practicing how to bait someone into a vulnerable position.

Building a Resumé of Technique

Kolat’s wrestling style was high-pressure and constant offense. In the process of taking shots, he would mix in leaving his right elbow up. He would do so to give you the illusion and guide you to thinking a high crotch was open. Once you take the shot he’s already a step ahead of you so it’s hard to beat. He had similar techniques he would use to trick his opponent into thinking there was an opening in his defense. The key is to blend the two approaches, a high-pressure offense with counter offense. The very best wrestlers can score on a leg attack and when someone gets to their leg. Practicing this way of thinking from an early age will give a wrestler an advantage over their competition.


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