This week Cary Kolat answers the question “What’s one of the easiest things you can do to move your wrestling forward and improve?” Kolat says the answer is something overlooked by many, sticking to a routine. Keep that word in mind, developing a routine that works for you, helps you, and develops you as an overall wrestler. Kolat sees very talented wrestlers fall apart because they neglect a fundamental routine.

Coaches – Lead by Example

Kolat’s advice for coaches is to lead by example when it comes to routine. It’s important for Kolat to stay in shape in order to run his practices and roll with his wrestlers when he’s teaching and coaching. He finds if he neglects his routine or has other distracting factors in his life that take him out of conditioning his body the next time he’s required to be on the mat the next day he’s sore.

Outwork the Competition

As a competitor things that keep you mentally sharp and physically prime are extremely important. When Kolat was competing, he would do line drills that kept his feet moving and his conditioning up. He also did routines before and after practice drilling clearing control ties. Identify what your area of weakness is and develop a routine that will help better you in that area. Summertime is the perfect time to develop these routines and habits. Routines work because you’re making an effort every day to get better at something but you also get a mental edge in knowing you’re more prepared than your competition.



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