If You Want Something, Make it Happen

This week Cary Kolat answers a question on the topic of fundraising for a wrestling program. Kolat has a lot of knowledge and experience leading a team in fundraising efforts. He knows what it takes to support a collegiate level program and how to rally the community behind them so they can achieve their goals. A common misconception with coaches is that whatever amount of money they raise the school will then either not increase or even lower their budget for the team. Kolat’s belief is that great leadership recognizes other leaders doing the right things and won’t hold it against them for doing so. If you are getting penalized for doing the right things than that says a lot about the organization doing so. Another way to look at is, you can wait with your hand out to your board of executives without a guarantee or you can go out and get it done yourself.

Waiting Only Hurts

Kolat stresses at Campbell he wants every piece of his team to be self-sufficient from his coaches, athletes, to everyone involved. Another point is that it is hard to knock on the door and ask for something when your team is not winning. Kolat’s philosophy is to get it done themselves and then they can go ask for help but don’t wait around. Kolat enjoy’s answering questions like this one and sharing his deep level of knowledge on the subject of growing a program and building for success.



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