Drilling the Setup

On this episode of ASK Kolat, Cary Kolat covers wrestling setups. He stresses the importance of drilling all the different ways to get to your takedowns. One thing Kolat has noticed that is overlooked is to always be thinking about mat control. This is important more than ever in collegiate folkstyle with the official being forced to make a call if the guy going out is stalling by doing so or if the inside wrestler pushed him out and is therefor stalling. When Kolat was drilling his setups he would, for example, get to his single from different tie-ups. He would then move on to practicing catching a single leg from his opponent shifting to the left then again to the right. Lastly, he would drill getting to his single on a guy on the edge of the mat. Many wrestlers and coaches only drill in the center of the mat and fail to also practice under pressure on the edge.

Executing from Anywhere

When you’re drilling these fundamental shots Kolat gives you the main areas to practice in, in order to be comfortable no matter where the match goes. Center of the mat, with your opponent shifting or moving from one side to the other and on the edge. The better you get at mat control the more opportunities you’ll have at getting to your shots.



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