Purpose of Intensive Training Camp

This week Cary Kolat shares about the power of small decisions and how they add up over time both physically and mentally. The goal/design of the intensive training camp is not to peak wrestlers for competition. One of the main goals is to show the kids how much they’re capable of. After getting through 10 days of working out four times a day it empowers them to understand how much they can do during the season at a two-hour practice. Kolat breaks down how the camp is designed to slowly increase in difficulty. For example, the first day is a three-mile run and on the last day, there is a seven-mile run along with other exercises like stadium climbs and burpees. He also explains that it’s impossible to improve your cardio that quickly but you can improve your mindset and mentality. That’s how these kids are able to get through such a tough 10 days.

Snowball Effect. Gaining the Edge

As a coach, you can’t be so competitive that you lock yourself in a box and hide all of your techniques never trying to improve. Kolat is constantly learning from his colleagues and analyzing his approach to make improvements. He talks about the book “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson and John David Mann. It teaches about how important seemingly small daily decisions are. For example, waking up and doing 10 pushups or reading 10 pages of a book. Those tasks are easy therefore it’s also easy to not do them. Doing 10 pushups will not make you any stronger overnight so why bother? If you did decide to do it by the end of the year that small decision would add up and actually make a real difference. Building a habit also opens the door for improvement and increasing the workload so you can move from 10 pushups to 25 to 50.



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