Get Ready

This episode, Cary Kolat was asked if training overseas or with someone from another country gives a distinct advantage. This is a broad question but Kolat simply answers, yes. Getting international wrestling experience early on can be extremely beneficial. You need to be used to the travel and everything that comes with going into a different culture to compete. Any chance you get to do so will prepare you for when it truly matters at a world championship or other high-level international event.

Big Jump in Training Habits

In recent years colleges and training centers have been very open and practice with other clubs, colleges, etc. This brings everyone’s level and competition up. Kolat stresses the importance of getting out of your wrestling room, traveling and training with different people from different places. You can’t fear another competitor seeing you wrestle and being able to figure you out for when you meet in competition. Kolat gives the example of John Smith’s low single. Everyone knew about it and had film on it but they couldn’t stop it. Another example is Jordan Burroughs, everyone knows Burroughs is going to shoot a double leg but can you stop it? The level of intensity rises when you’re not in your home gym. There is a reason you’re more sore after competition than you are after practice. You put everything you got into competition no matter what. Once you start training at a higher level it will reflect in your matches.



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