This Is Your Time

During this weeks episode, Cary Kolat explains what wrestlers should be doing over summer and how to spend the offseason in order to come back smarter, stronger, better and refocused. Kolat discusses how offseason training only truly starts once you’re entering your sophomore year of high school. Before that, the focus should be on having fun and enjoying wrestling with friends at clubs and in tournaments. When Kolat was a kid, over summer he was on the mat 2-3 days a week. He never cut weight over summer and recommends wrestling at whatever your natural weight is.

Love the Sport

Until you get to a higher age group, Kolat doesn’t recommend grinding or training extremely hard over summer. Once you’re getting to the point where you’re looking at different colleges you’ll possibly compete at, that’s when it starts to get a little more serious. When you’re younger going to a club and rolling around is enough. Grinding all year long will only build negative connotations with the sport and possibly ultimately make you not enjoy wrestling. Younger wrestlers should instead be learning and developing their skills. Kolat never attended Fargo Junior Nationals. Being a highly sought after recruit he didn’t need to. If you’re looking to get recruited, and your resume doesn’t have much success on it then Fargo is something you should really consider.

Parents Beware

Kolat speaks to the parents when he says don’t feel pressured to put your kids in a bunch of summer events. Some young kids are attending 15+ dual meets and Kolat warns to not get sucked into that. There’s a time to train, progress, get stronger and there’s also time to just enjoy wrestling. As an athlete, you need to know when it’s time to take a break. This way when wrestling season comes back around you’re ready.



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