Living legend, Cary Kolat breaks down one of the most iconic wrestling moves/defenses/techniques/strategies that the sport of wrestling has ever seen. It also happens to be he invented it, The Kolat Rubber Knee (Trick Knee).

Kolat can’t recall the exact age he started using the rubber knee defense but it was around college. He found himself in positions most people wouldn’t be able to get in. There is some flexibility in the knee but Kolat says it’s mostly in the hips and the twisting of the leg. Kolat developed an extreme amount of confidence in this position. The very best wrestlers in the world all have different areas where they feel extremely confident. For Kolat, He felt that if his opponent got on his right leg, he was in the driver seat and would win the position.

There is nothing more draining on your opponent than when they take a deep offensive position and you’re able to stop it and score off it. After this happens it is mentally draining. Once he figured out how far he could take it he began to develop scoring positions off that position. Overall, he believed even if he wasn’t scoring he was taking a lot out of his opponents mental capacity by not allowing them to score.


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