State is Over, Now What?

This Mental Monday, Ben Askren discusses what to do now that the state tournament is over. Many state tournaments are wrapping up and you either came up short of your goals, achieved them, or succeeded them. Askren’s advice is no matter the outcome you need to get back on the mat and continue to improve. It’s okay if you want to take a week off or not worry about your weight but you need to be on the mat drilling and wrestling.

Set a Deadline

Don’t allow yourself to set an open-ended timeframe on when you’ll get back into training. For example instead of, “I need some time off” say “I need 2 weeks off”. Comfort, habit, and routine are hard to break so if you’re going to take some time off you need to set a date you’ll return and stick to it. Taking a break is good for you both physically and mentally but if you get back on the mat sooner than later you’ll thank yourself next season.

Speaking From Experience

Askren knows a thing or two about winning state championships with two state titles of his own. This year Askren Wrestling Academy produced six Wisconsin state champions as well.

Win or Lose

If you didn’t achieve your goals this season remember that losing is temporary and not all-encompassing. You should study and learn from it and try hard not to make the same mistakes. Then, have the self-control to forget about it and move on. If you did achieve your goals you can only celebrate that for so long before you have to continue to improve because your competition will. Next week Askren will tell you what will be the most efficient use of your time during this period. He will break down how to use the offseason to set yourself up for success next wrestling season.

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