Focus On What Matters

This Mental Monday, Ben Askren talks about the pressure of competing and helping athletes not only put their nerves at ease but put them to use in the post productive and beneficial way. Askren likes when people interact and ask direct questions they would like Askren to answer with his opinions and advice. You can write a topic of conversation, recent event, or question in the comment section to have a chance Askren answers on a future episode. In addition to the comment section you can also write on RUDIS social media, Askren Wrestling Academy Facebook, or by emailing RUDIS:

Focus on the Game Plan

Askren stresses focusing on the right things and allowing the unimportant distractors to fall to the wayside. What you should be focused on is effort. Once you’re in a high-pressure situation all you need to focus on is giving all your effort not winning or losing. You can’t feel the pressure of the moment when you remember you got there for a reason. You also can’t think about the results defining you as a person. You’re not defined as a person solely on your results. If you stress nonresult based outcomes you’ll perform at your best.


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