Confidence Comes From Preparation

This week, Ben Askren answers the question, “What is the best mindset to have the day of the match?”. Askren talks about having a gameplan developed well in advance and even if you don’t have that opportunity the best thing is to constantly focus on yourself. Askren goes on to explain what he means by focusing on yourself. Constantly analyzing your skillset to see holes or places that need improvement as well as your strong points is important. The more confident you become in your diverse abilities the more you can successfully make game-time decisions.

Avoid This Pitfall

The best thing for Askren to perform at his best is to be relaxed. All the work has been put in all you need to do is execute on what you’ve been practicing on for so long. Worry about the endless amount of possibilities the day of competition won’t help you. Another mindset Askren avoids is viewing the competition as an outcome-based scenario. If he wins it’s not the best thing in the world and if he loses it’s not the worst. This week when Askren takes on Jorge Masvidal at UFC 239 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas NV he’ll hang with friends, play disc golf, and won’t worry about outcomes. When it’s time he’ll dial in, focus and go execute on what he does best.


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