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This week, Ben Askren has been asked a question numerous times he wants everyone to know the answer to, should you worry about your weight control over summer and stay on weight for next season? Askren insists not to think about what weight class you’ll be wrestling next season this far out. He is not insinuating you shouldn’t eat healthily or out of control. Rather, he says don’t stress about keeping your weight down. Askren even suggests not stepping on a scale for a few months. Even those wrestlers who have to make weight one time for an early tournament like Super 32 shouldn’t worry about maintaining that weight after. As a young developing athlete, it’s much better to allow your body to grow. If you wrestle a higher weight class next year that’s okay.

Overall, don’t step on a scale for a few months, eat normal, lift weights, get stronger and focus on getting becoming a better wrestler.


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