Taking on the Challenge

Cary Kolat answers the question, “Can you lead a wrestling program without any prior wrestling knowledge?” For example, if the team needs a head coach and if they cannot find one the program will cease to exist. If you’re a parent or involved in the program and want the opportunity for your kid to wrestle, Kolat says absolutely step up. Obviously, prior experience with wrestling is ideal but at the end of the day it comes down to leadership. The courage alone to step up with no prior knowledge shows you’re a leader.

Putting the Right Pieces in Place

If you don’t have the necessary knowledge, look for people with strength in those areas you are lacking to help out. When Kolat is looking for assistant coaches he wants to find leaders that possess knowledge or skills in areas he’s not particularly good at. This way the assistant coach is adding major value to the program and complimenting Kolat as the head coach. Build a team around you that can collectively succeed.

Utilize What You Do Know

Bring the knowledge from your occupation and background to the table. As the head coach, you can take care of all the administrative tasks including paperwork, email answering, fundraising, etc. The assistant coaches can then be in charge of running the practice room, training the kids, and getting the team ready to compete. Overall, stepping up to fill a position in order for a team to continue is both admirable and appreciated by all involved.


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