It’s All About Perspective

The question Cary Kolat explores this week is “How do you make wrestling fun?” Kolat breaks down how he balances the job aspect of being a head coach at a D1 college wrestling program and the fun of wrestling for him and his team. Kolat has stated in the past he approaches wrestling like a job. That word can scare some people but it doesn’t carry a negative connotation in Kolat’s mind. What Kolat means by this is that he approaches wrestling with discipline and purpose. Showing up early, being prepared, dialed in on nutrition, being mentally ready are all examples of how he carries himself. That doesn’t take the fun out of the experience.

Develop a Passion

Just because you love what you do doesn’t mean every single aspect about it is enjoyable. The hard or stale tasks you endure allow for the parts you enjoy the most. Kolat had to mentally prepare himself before training because he knew how hard he was going to push himself. As you get older, better, and smarter you learn to play wrestle more. You start to break down wrestling in the areas you’re enjoying the sport but still learning and working on other areas that need extra attention. When wrestlers are controlled by parents and coaches they can’t think on their own. When you treat them like kids you’ll get kids on the mat.

Keeping it Fun

Coaching at the high school level you have a mix of maturity. Some wrestlers will need constant refocusing on positions, techniques, and reps. You can’t coach the same at the high school level as you would at the college level. Even the elite prep school wrestling programs such as Blair Academy have days that are fun and relaxed. Not every day is controlled and strict. For the average high school coach Kolat recommends having a base of training. Map out where you need to be going and what you need to work on to get there. Then you also have days where you break out and have fun. The more a wrestler enjoys wrestling the better they’ll drive themselves. Kolat also enjoys answering these questions and keeping the conversation of wrestling going.




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