The All in One Workout

This week, Kolat answers a question he received about strength conditioning workouts for wrestling, “If you only had one workout you could do what would it be?” Kolat reflects back on what he relied on for building cardiovascular endurance, explosive movements, and strength. For Kolat that multi-beneficial workout was swimming. One benefit of swimming is it’s a way to simulate high-altitude or an environment that’s hard to breathe in. This way you train your body to not require as much oxygen and build endurance. Another key benefit of swimming is the low impact on your joints. Kolat would choose swimming over running because of the lesser damage you’re inflicting on the longevity of your knees, ankles, shoulders, etc.

Multi-Beneficial for Wrestling

In wrestling, you’re constantly pulling which is another area swimming will strengthen. Changing up the swimming stroke you’re doing is important to hit muscles in different ways. While swimming you’re strengthing those pulling muscles in your back and arms that are crucial for wrestling. You’re also working all the muscles required for reaching that are overlooked during strength training. Lastly, all the kicks you’ll be doing will work your core and stability. Kolat started swimming 30 minutes every other day and worked up to 45 minutes.



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