Trials Format

This week Cary Kolat gives his opinion on the current World Team Trials process, what he thinks about Final X and if the changes being made are for the better. When Kolat first heard of the idea of doing Final X split between multiple cities and weekends he wasn’t sure and was curious as to how it would play out. The first year of Final X was split between three cities and that was probably one too many. Kolat believes this year with two cities was perfect. It allowed for sold out venues with equally exciting matchups.

Growing the Sport of Wrestling

When Kolat was making world teams, there were only about 300-500 fans in the stands and for the Olympic Trials about 5,000-6,000 people. Kolat likes the current format, believes it gets the best wrestlers on the team, and points to the U.S. recent success at worlds. The more USA Wrestling and the wrestling community dial in the process the better it will be and the faster the sport will grow.



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