Marysville, OH. June 5, 2018

Directly following its groundbreaking partnership with wrestling heavyweight Kyle Snyder, RUDIS has expanded its team of elite athletes to include U.S. Open and two-time NCAA champion Isaiah Martínez, advancing the apparel brand’s position as the most authentic expression of wrestling. In addition to his impressive collection of national titles and collegiate accolades, what may best define Martínez’s career thus far has been his audacious and gritty competition style. Fearless, his inclination for taking risks to dominate the field reflects RUDIS’ own bold values

Martínez is enthusiastic about the unfolding relationship, saying: “I’m proud to announce that RUDIS will be my apparel partner along my journey for World and Olympic gold. No other brand exemplifies the wrestling spirit better than RUDIS. It is great to work with a brand created by wrestlers for wrestlers.”

Serving the amateur wrestling community, RUDIS has honored some of the greatest names in the history of the sport including Dave Schultz, Kyle Snyder, Cary Kolat, Russ Hellickson, Lincoln McIlravy, and more. The company’s website ( states:

“Born from wrestling and built for wrestling. RUDIS was created with a single vision in mind: be the most accurate and authentic expression of the sport through apparel. The core values of wrestling govern our every action and drive us to continually innovate, serve, and connect with those who love this sport.”

RUDIS Co-founder and President, Jesse Leng looks forward to the partnership with
Martínez, saying:

“Not everyone fits the mold of being a RUDIS athlete. Being RUDIS is about something greater than the medals around your neck. It is about the unwavering commitment to live a life of excellence and a willingness to always lay it on the line. Isaiah welcomes challenge knowing that the process will develop him. This mentality, combined with the way he owns every decision and outcome makes Isaiah unique and an excellent fit for the RUDIS family.”

Wrestler Isaiah Martínez in a RUDIS Summit down jacket
On the verge of a promising international wrestling career, Isaiah Martínez has already established himself as a fierce competitor, dominating the U.S. Open and World Team Trials to secure a spot in the upcoming Final X event. RUDIS is proud to battle alongside Martínez as he furthers his legacy, and as the pair continue to serve and develop the wrestling community.

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