On this episode, Cary Kolat answers a question he received on Facebook, “How do you counter a Russian Tie or Russian 2-on-1?” From a strategy standpoint, if Kolat notices an opponent keeps going back to the same tie, he’ll try to bait them back into that position and initiate his counter. In order to properly answer this scenario of an opponent aggressively going back to a 2-on-1 Kolat starts by discussing hand fighting. In Folkstyle you can’t come out of your stance to fight the hands or your opponent will attack your legs. Kolat says you have to be more aggressive about clearing your opponent ties than they are with getting them. You also have to be aggressive about regaining your offensive tie once you do clear theirs.


Overall, there isn’t one simple fix. You have to continuously clear your opponent’s tie without any hesitation and work on getting yours. You can’t get frustrated, have to be relentless about it. The more time you keep your opponent in your offensive tie-up position the more opportunities you’ll have to score. You don’t hesitate or second guess when you’re taking a shot you have to fully commit. Having confidence is one of the biggest things that can improve your wrestling. The best wrestlers in the world have full confidence in the move they’re performing and don’t hesitate.



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