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Marysville, OH – RUDIS is excited to launch a new shoe in the KS Infinity Collection – Yin Yang. Inspired by the Yin Yang symbol in Daoism, this shoe represents mental and physical balance in wrestling. 

Yin and Yang embody two opposing forces existing in one entity, with Yin symbolizing shadow and Yang symbolizing light. For there to be light, there must be a shadow, and vice versa. Two contrasting energies create balance. Like wrestling, one goes with the push and pull of the sport. Wrestling is a constant dance between two people. To win, a wrestler should find balance within him or herself.

Balance Within Oneself

For Kyle Snyder, balance is “really the most important thing.” Throughout his career, he has learned to balance himself while being unbalanced. “I used to think that being unbalanced was just a part of wrestling, because that is just the way it was for me in my career. But now I’m learning you can be balanced the entire time that you compete. If you do that, then you are going to be in better condition, you’re going to be stronger, and you’re going to be able to move your opponent in a more efficient way. Not just the balance of emotions, but also being physically balanced when I compete. It’s all gotta be there to wrestle at your best.” 

Intensity and Calm

The Yin Yang symbol can also represent intensity and calm. A good wrestler knows how to balance intense focus with extreme strength. For Kyle Snyder, he is “relaxed and intense before I (he) compete.” He wrestles his best when he is completely himself. “When I wrestle my best, I am calm and intense. Especially before I get on the mat. I’m just being who I am. I think that’s what really being balanced is. If you’re trying to be anything but yourself, that is when you’re off balance.” Being balanced also means being mentally focused. “Be present. Focus on what I have to do. That’s the mental part of it. The physical part of competing is being balanced on the mat. Ready to defend my opponent. Always in a good position. Knees bent. And controlled on the mat.” Mental control combined with a strong foundation will create balance. Having mental peace will help one gain control over the body. When mind, body, heart and soul are in line, the wrestler can perform at his or her best. 

Kyle at RUDIS Headquarters

In May, Kyle Snyder visited RUDIS Headquarters. During an all-company meeting, Kyle demonstrated the concept of balance while wrestling the company CEO, Jesse Leng. “If I sit back on my stance and put the weight on my back foot, I am properly balanced.”

Kyle Snyder Wrestling RUDIS CEO, Jesse Leng

As a wrestler, having a strong stance is the foundation of wrestling. When wrestlers are pushed out of their stance, they become unbalanced. If they have a solid foundation, they can quickly recover and regain composure. Similar to the concept of Yin Yang, wrestlers must learn to work with the flow of their opponent’s flow to achieve balance 

Yin Yang in Action

Kyle is seen wearing his signature Yin Yang shoes at his wrestling camp, Kyle Snyder Wrestling Series. Wearing Yin/Black on his left and Yang/White on his right, Kyle created a unique look with these shoes.

Kyle Teaching Young Wrestlers at Kyle Snyder Wrestling Series


Kyle was also seen wearing the Signature Yin Yang at Final X in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Snyder went up against fellow Team RUDIS athlete, Kollin Moore for a spot on the U.S Senior World Team. He won by a 12-2 technical fall, granting him the opportunity to compete in Belgrade, Serbia later in September.

Kyle won by a 12-1 tech fall over fellow Team RUDIS and Ohio State Teammate, Kollin Moore


The new KS Infinity – Yin Yang is here. Channel the warrior within and become balanced on the mat. Browse the entire KS infinity Collection and KS Turbine Collection here.