Don’t Resist Change

This Mental Monday, Ben Askren talks about breaking boundaries in life and in whatever field you’re currently striving to better yourself in be that sports, business or others. Askren watched an interview with Kanye West where Kanye said: “My power is the ability to not be influenced.” He also watched a piece on surfer Laird Hamilton where Hamilton said he would have never achieved the great things he did if he allowed others to influence him. Askren speaks about how people resist change and like things to remain “normal”. It’s extremely difficult to keep confidence in the way you’re going about something in a new way that other people aren’t yet comfortable with.

Askren’s Personal Experience

Askren can relate to this concept. Throughout his wrestling career, there were naysayers and people that criticized his style of wrestling. Askren was told his style wouldn’t work in high school then college, then the Olympics or in MMA. If he would have allowed these criticisms to influence him he wouldn’t be in the place he is now with the legacy he’s built.


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