Remain Steadfast in Your Pursuit

This week on Mental Mondays, Ben Askren talks about something he was recently discussing with some of his athletes, the commitment it takes to achieve real success in wrestling. A lot of people can get motivated and stay dedicated for two months or a year but don’t achieve success and give up. The secret is that people that achieve the level of success you see in your favorite athletes didn’t get there with a year’s worth of dedication. It’s a 5-15 year pursuit and journey to get to where they are. When Askren was in high school he was all in all year long wrestling and wasn’t having any success nationally. Then his redshirt year at Mizzou he wasn’t competing on the level of everyone else. That is five years of not missing practices, dedicating himself, yet still not having the success he wanted.

You’ll Never Know Until You Try

Askren could have dialed back and not been as dedicated moving forward and he would have never achieved the level of success that he has. Askren advises to not put a timeline on success and don’t be deterred by your failures. Think about and visualize yourself achieving your goals and understand it is a long term journey and won’t happen overnight.

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