Perseverance is Underrated

This special edition of Mental Mondays, Ben Askren talks LIVE on Instagram following his loss at UFC 239 discussing the best way to deal with failure / handle losing and why it’s one of the most important skills any athlete can have. Askren enjoys the live aspect of being able to interact with fans in real time and feels it creates an even more personal experience than just speaking to the camera. Askren starts by talking about how this ability is crucial for college wrestlers. It’s not easy to go from being highly successful at the high school level to being surrounded by equally if not more-talented wrestlers and dealing with the daily struggles. Success at the collegiate level very much depends on your capacity to handle losses, move forward, grow, and appreciate the lessons learned in order to get stronger. The amount of perseverance and humbleness required to keep going shows the mental fortitude of these wrestlers.

Learning from Losses

Although Askren was undefeated in MMA prior to Saturday he has still dealt with failure on the biggest stages. Being a 2x NCAA champion is an enormous success very few ever even get close to but Askren credits the lessons learned during his 2 NCAA Finalist losses for allowing him to learn and improve. At the end of the day, the lesson Askren preaches is effort. If you try your hardest every day and avoid solely envisioning outcome results eventually you’ll get success.


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