What’s the Best Wrestling Style?

On this week of Mental Mondays, Ben Askren covers a question he was asked during his annual Funky Fresh Camp which is AWAs premiere invite-only camp. The question was “What do you want your style to be? Is it better to primarily be a scrambler or more offensively aggressive?” Askren answers by saying he doesn’t care about a particular style or favor one over the other. What he wants to do more than anything is win. What you want to avoid is putting yourself in a box and not developing all areas of your wrestling. Askren talks about young wrestlers who identify themselves as a scrambler and therefor avoid bettering themselves in all other aspects of wrestling from basic defense, offense, control ties, etc.

Every Opportunity and Ability to Win

Don’t create an identity that’s based upon putting your self in a box. Rather, be able to win a match no matter where you end up. Askren draws the analogy to help everyone understand better of only being able to use one tool to fix all problems. For example, if you could only use a chainsaw for all your work you need to be done you would either not be able to or it would take you way more time. Don’t limit the tools available to you in your wrestling toolbox. Overall, be open to all the possible ways that could help you win.


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