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On this episode of Mental Mondays, Ben Askren discusses identifying and self-evaluating your points of weakness. Askren was reminded of pitfalls and inspired by the best in the country from his time at the NCAA Championships. Askren discusses the importance of acknowledging your weaknesses and then having the self-discipline to work on improving those weaknesses.

Free Yourself from Ego

The best wrestlers in the world are constantly working to improve their own weaknesses. This should put into perspective that you need to do the same. These state champions’, NCAA Champions’, and World Champions’ goal every day is to get better. It can be extremely difficult to be vulnerable and not let ego get in the way. The more difficult situations you experience, the more likely you are to learn and improve.

Even the Best Have Work to Do

Askren uses the best wrestlers as examples for his message this week. First, Mark Hall in the finals struggled against Zahid Valencia to get his offense going. Second, Spencer Lee got rode out multiple times to the end of the period and struggled on bottom. Last, Daton Fix couldn’t get to Nick Suriano’s legs. All three of these wrestlers struggled with basic wrestling skills. Askren says if these wrestlers were asked, they would probably say their performance was not an overall success because their standards for themselves are high. Likewise, identify your weaknesses and then think about how you can fix them during the offseason.

Askren says if Daton Fix can solve his issues and be able to get to his opponent’s legs, he’ll potentially be impossible to beat. If Spencer Lee can improve his technique of getting up off bottom he’ll probably go undefeated. If Mark Hall can get to Zahid Valencia’s legs, he’ll have a much higher chance of beating Valencia next time. No matter who you are or what level you’re currently at, we can all get better. Use this time of year for reflection, evaluation, and improvement.


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