Parents, Embrace Struggle and Failure

This Mental Monday, Ben Askren, inspired by his match with Jordan Burroughs at Beat The Streets speaks on the topic of struggle and failure. Greatness is only achieved by learning from your continuous failures and refusing to give up until you achieve success. The sport of wrestling is very good at teaching athletes that choose to participate these lessons. An issue that arises from this is many parents don’t want to let their kids struggle and fail. Askren understands why this is parents gut reaction. In the moment, you don’t want to see your kid struggle or be distraught because of failure. In the end, it is important to battle through adversity for progress as a person and as an athlete.

Let Them Fail. It’s Important.

One thing Askren struggles with is strength and conditioning so he takes his kids to watch. This way they have a better understanding that all his success doesn’t come without hours and hours of hard work and doing things that are good for him but hard in the moment. It’s important that not only a kid sees their role models achieve success in this way but also themselves. Otherwise, when they are faced with this in life they won’t know how to deal with it. Askren commends his parents for allowing him to fail, learn and grow as a kid and attributes this too much of his success.


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