Success Is Not a Straight Line

This week on Mental Mondays, Ben Askren talks about having enough self-awareness to know what you’re doing wrong and then setting out to fix those problems in order to get better. Askren also explains that sometimes you’re doing all the right things and you still don’t get the result you’re working towards. Success is not a straight line and will take time to develop. Yianni Diakamihalis recently spent time doing a camp at Askren Wrestling Academy and during a Q&A stated: “If your coach yells at you simply based on the win or the loss you probably need to find a new coach because they don’t get it.”

Just Stick with It

Askren spent the week in Fargo at Junior Nationals coaching the 48 athletes representing AWA and witnessed many kids who are doing all the right things but just aren’t good enough yet. They’re on the right path and have to continue doing what they’re doing and eventually, they’ll see positive results. Many parents after their child experience a loss want to change something or get a new coach. Askren uses the example of false peaks on a mountain. Sometimes you think you’ve reached the top of a mountain and you realize there is much more to go. Overall you have to have the self-awareness to know you’re doing everything right, it’s just going to take some more time, and there is nothing wrong with that.


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