Spencer Lee Went Down Last Night

In this weeks Mental Monday Ben Askren discusses how no matter how much of an athlete you are, anyone can lose at any time. There are wrestlers many believe end their career undefeated. For Ben, that was Spencer Lee. Spencer Lee was not expected to lose this weekend at the 2018 Midlands Championships Wrestling. Sebastian Rivera proved Ben’s phrase ‘Anyone Can Lose at Any Time’ true when he took down Lee. In the past, Aksren stated he didn’t think Spencer would go a full 7-minute match this year. Lee was predicted to go undefeated his whole college career. Moving on, Askren discusses Spencer Lee’s match with Patrick Glory and how he thinks this match is when Spencer lost his mojo.

Spencer Lee Vs. Sebastian Rivera

For Askren, it was more about how Spencer Lee lost than the fact that he lost. It wasn’t like Rivera pinned Lee or caught him on his back. Sebastian Rivera got 3 takedowns and an escape. Lee didn’t seem close to getting a single takedown. Rivera almost had additional takedowns himself. It was all around domination. Watching a match like Lee and Rivera’s reiterates the phrase anyone can lose at any time. Ben says not a single person had Rivera winning over Lee.

Anyone Can Lose at Any Time

Ben says he himself falls victim to not believing this phrase all the time. He says he is as guilty as anyone in believing certain people will never lose. After doing Mental Mondays for 3 years, Askren never said anyone can get beat. Last night made him remember that is not true. For Ben, this is one of those upsets that is historical and legendary. Sebastian Rivera could go on to be one of the greats and maybe no one will remember this match. But for now, December 30, 2018, will be remembered as a great upset in college wrestling history. Anyone can lose any time, last night showed that.


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