On and Off the Mat

Ben Askren talks about something he prides himself on and has tried to integrate into every part of his life, consistency. Consistency can be positive in all aspects of life. When people talk about Ben, consistency is one thing that is routinely brought up. For him, it wasn’t something that he realized was special or different until later in life. Being consistent and dedicated was just the way he was raised and he didn’t know any different.

Holiday Break Not Holiday Stop

Ben was joking about who would come back from Christmas break the most overweight in college because there was someone every year. Over Christmas break most of you have a few days off, college guys have roughly a week to relax and take time to be with family. Others of you may get more if you’re lucky. It is important that you still continue to get your work in. You don’t need to do the hardest workout of your life but you shouldn’t fall out of your routine. You don’t need to take 3 days off in the middle of a season, let alone 7. It is important and really not that difficult to go for a run or workout at your old high school. It doesn’t matter what you do, just do something.

A Gift to Your Future Self

In MMA, where Ben is now, one of the biggest problems he sees in other fighters is in their consistency. Many fighters will train super hard for weeks leading up to a fight but then after the fight is over they will take nearly 6 weeks off. They get extremely overweight, their conditioning is off and their comeback period is really difficult. So over this break enjoy yourself. Eat some cookies and good food but make sure to get your workouts in. You’ll thank yourself when the break is over and you’re back to full speed.

Leading by Example

One of the biggest goals Askren set for himself in high school was to work out every single day. It didn’t matter what he did, weight lifting, running, or wrestling, as long as he got a workout in. In all four years of high school, 1,460 days, Ben only missed 18 workouts. While he was in season, he didn’t miss a single practice in all of high school or college. Not a single one in 9 years. Don’t be the guy who shows up after break 17 pounds overweight and out of shape. Stay consistent and don’t allow all the work you have put in so far this season go to waste. Almost all of you in high school and college have big tournaments in the coming weeks, don’t put yourself in an adverse position because you were too lazy to spend an hour or less a day working out over break. Commit to being consistent in every aspect of your life and you can make small gains every day that culminates in resounding success.

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