125 lbs

During this broadcast, Ben Askren and Matt Dernlan recap the Quarter Finals and preview the Semi Finals of the 2019 NCAA Wrestling Championships. Starting with 125 lbs they talk about Spencer Lee’s 10-2 victory over Sean Russell. Askren and Dernlan agree Lee looked good but not great. Nick Piccininni defeated Patrick Glory 9-5 and will face Lee in the Semi Finals. Askren and Dernlan believe Lee won’t have enough to take out Piccininni in the Semis. At the top of the bracket, Sebastian Rivera faces Jack Mueller in the Semis and Askren and Dernlan both have Rivera to win in a close match.

133 lbs (3:31)

Nick Suriano looked absolutely dominant against Ethan Lizak winning 8-0. Two wrestlers that have a storied past together Stevan Micic and Austin DeSanto faced off with Micic winning 3-2. Luke Pletcher and Daton Fix will meet in the Semis and Dernlan picks Fix to win. On the bottom half of the bracket, Suriano will take on Micic. Dernlan picks Micic and Askren picks Suriano. Breaking down the blood rounds at 133 lbs, Dernlan picks Roman Bravo-Young to beat Micky Phillippi in the Consolation round of 8. He also picks John Erneste over Tariq Wilson. Dernlan and Askren disagree in the Austin Gomez vs Austin DeSanto match up. Dernlan picks DeSanto and Askren picks Gomez.

141 lbs (7:05)

Yianni Diakomihalis showed his athleticism in his win over Dom Demas 5-1 and will face Jaydin Eierman in the Semis. As good as Eierman is, both Dernlan and Askren agree Diakomihalis beats him. Joey McKenna kept is momentum rolling with an 11-1 win over Mitchell Mckee. They both agree McKenna gets the Semi Final win over Nick Lee. Askren talks about how well Ohio State is doing as they advance all 5 wrestlers from the quarters to semis.

149 lbs (11:08)

Anthony Ashnault faces Matthew Kolodzik and Dernlan says he will beat him by at least 8 points. Micah Jordan takes on Austin O’Connor and both agree Jordan gets through O’Connor to attempt to get his revenge against Ashnault in the finals.

157 lbs (11:54)

Alec Pantaleo got called with a hands-to-the-face call sending his match against Hayden Hidlay to overtime. Hidlay gets the takedown in overtime to win the match. Hidlay now has to go against Jason Nolf in the semis. Dernlan sees Nolf winning with bonus points but Askren thinks Hidlay can slow Nolf down enough to prevent that but not enough to get the win.

165 lbs (14:11)

Chance Marsteller gets pinned by Evan Wick 1 minute 25 seconds into round 1. He’ll face Mekhi Lewis in the Semis. Lewis was able to beat No. 1 Alex Marinelli 3-1. Dernlan’s analysis of Marinelli was that he seemed like he was wrestling with the worst case scenario in mind. During the Isaiah White vs Vincenzo Joseph match the crowd was calling for stalling against White. Dernlan thinks the officials made the right call. They both have Joseph and Wick winning their Semis and heading to the finals.

174 lbs (19:58)

As big of a Mizzou/Daniel Lewis fan Askren is, he was doubting Lewis in the later rounds. Lewis pinned his way to the Semis and is the only wrestler in the tournament to do so. Lewis faces Zahid Valencia and Mark Hall will face Myles Amine in the semis. Dernlan and Askren both pick Hall and don’t believe Lewis will be able to beat Valencia.

184 lbs (23:53)

Drew Foster beats Zack Zavatsky 6-2. Dernlan thought this match would be much closer. Foster is someone who hasn’t had a lot of talk surrounding him but has been extremely dominant throughout. Foster will take on Chip Ness in semis and both Askren and Dernlan have Foster winning. Maxwell Dean takes on Myles Martin in the top side of the bracket Semis. Both pick Martin to beat Dean and move on against Foster in the finals.

197 lbs (27:40)

Bo Nickal beats Nathan Traxler 14-4. Askren and Dernlan break down Traxler not cutting Nickal loose and giving up a point in order to have the opportunity to score more. You can’t wait for the ref to call stalling when the time is running out. Kollin Moore beats Tom Sleigh 17-11 and will face Preston Weigel in the semis. Both believe Weigel finds a way to beat Moore. Dernlan has Nickal pinning Pat Brucki but Askren says it goes to decision.

Heavy Weight (32:48)

Askren is super impressed by Gable Steveson. He beat Amar Dhesi 11-1 and gets his rematch with Anthony Cassar in the Semis. Dernlan sticks with his pick of Cassar but Askren has Steveson beating him. Derek White faces Jordan Wood in the semis. Once again Dernlan stays with his original pick of White. Askren takes Wood upsetting White.


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