On this episode of On Deck with Ben Askren, Ben sits down with NC State Head Coach Pat Popolizio, UNC Head Coach Coleman Scott, and number 1 ranked, 2x NCAA Champ and Hodge frontrunner Zahid Valencia. Askren discusses the Hidlay brothers impact on their team as a whole, the growing strength of the ACC, along with admiring Valencia’s response to Aaron Brooks, along with his underground MMA history. Show Notes 0:00 Introduction 0:30 Pat Popolizio 14:32 Coleman Scott 29:24 Zahid Valencia 42:40 Show Wrap-Up


Introducing something unprecedented to the wrestling community, On Deck Podcast with host Ben Askren. On Deck is a weekly podcast featuring interviews with the top athletes, coaches, and personalities of the wrestling world discussing current events, life stories, and everything in between.


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