On this episode of On Deck, Ben Askren sits down with 2019 U23 World Silver Medalist, 2019 Senior World Team Member, and Olympic hopeful Kayla Miracle. After qualifying the 62kg women’s freestyle spot for the United States at the 2020 Olympics at the Pan American Olympic Qualifier, Kayla reflects on her performance and looks ahead to the coming weeks of training for an Olympic Trials with no set date. Askren and Miracle also discuss life at the Hawkeye Wrestling Club and reactions to the NCAA Wrestling Championships being canceled.


Show Notes:

0:00 Show Introduction

3:40 Kayla Miracle Intro

7:00 Wrestling Events Being Cancelled

10:20 Pan American Olympic Qualifier Recap

11:38 Hawkeye Wrestling Club Depth

17:58 Preparing for a Delayed Olympic Trials

21:35 Iowa Training Partners

24:00 Reaction to Cancelled NCAA Championships

24:57 Things To Do During Quarantine


Introducing something unprecedented to the wrestling community, On Deck Podcast with host Ben Askren. On Deck is a weekly podcast featuring interviews with the top athletes, coaches, and personalities of the wrestling world discussing current events, life stories, and everything in between.


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