On this episode of On Deck, Ben Askren is joined by 4x All-American, 2x NCAA Champion, and co-founder of Young Guns Wrestling Club, Jody Strittmatter. Strittmatter, current assistant coach at University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown, has coached Division I prodigies including Penn State’s Jason Nolf and Vincenzo Joseph and Iowa’s Spencer Lee to name a few. Askren and Strittmatter discuss all things club wrestling from athlete development to how to get athletes and parents to buy in.


Show Notes

0:00 Show Introduction

2:37 Coaching Influence

4:57 Recruitment Out of High School

7:16 Transferring to Iowa

11:20 Dan Gable

14:05 Tom + Terry Brands

15:42 Jim Zalesky

16:54 Young Guns Wrestling Club

20:31 Club + Development Morals

23:20 Tailoring Coaching to Athletes

27:05 The First Big Name From YGWC

28:10 Jason Nolf

33:10 Spencer Lee

35:49 Vincenzo Joseph

37:47 When Did You Go From Good to Great?


Introducing something unprecedented to the wrestling community, On Deck Podcast with host Ben Askren. On Deck is a weekly podcast featuring interviews with the top athletes, coaches, and personalities of the wrestling world discussing current events, life stories, and everything in between.


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