On this episode of On Deck, Ben Askren is joined by first-ever three-time All-American for Stanford, Tanner Gardner. Gardner, who holds Stanford’s all-time record for most career wins at 145, is now a Senior Associate Athletic Director and Chief Operating Officer for Athletics at Rice University. Gardner provides us with the perspective of an Athletics Administrator on topics like what an athletic department considers when it is faced with the reality of needing to cut an athletics program, what the absence of college sports like basketball and potentially football means for the rest of college athletics and ways in which universities are struggling financially due to the Coronavirus. In light of Old Dominion University cutting its wrestling program last week, Gardner discusses how coaches and fans can support programs in ways that make a team more valuable to the university.



0:00 Show Introduction
1:05 Tanner Gardner
3:40 Athletics Administration Perspective
5:00 Keeping Up with Stanford
7:12 Time Coaching at Harvard
8:35 Understanding Athletics Administration
12:00 What Do Admin Consider When Cutting a Program?
16:45 What No For-Profit Sports Will Do to the Rest of College Sports
19:45 How Far Does This Impact Stretch?
25:30 How Fans and Coaches Can Save Wrestling


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