February 13, 2021:   As athletes prepare for battle on the world’s highest stage, the timing could not be better for RUDIS to tell the story of an Olympic Champion who transcended sport itself. RUDIS partner, Nancy Schultz Vitangeli announces, “It is our privilege to honor a legend of such magnitude as Jesse Owens. He is one of the greatest athletes to have ever competed on this earth and his accomplishments illuminate and inspire the greatness in all of us.

James Cleveland “Jesse” Owens was a 4-time Gold Medalist and 8-time NCAA Champion who led a record-breaking Track and Field career. But beyond the medals, Owens lived the Olympian ideal to unify the world through sport. Owens not only had to overcome systemic racism in his own country, but he had to compete in the epicenter of the Nazi Regime. His triumph sent a message to the world, and when he received his 4 Gold Medals, the stadium was not silent but erupted in applause. 

“To me, Jesse Owens represents the purity of sport. In all ways, his life showed greatness comes from within” comments Myles Martin, 2016 NCAA Champion. Olympic Champion Kyle Snyder adds, “Jesse Owens is a true competitor. The way he raced spoke louder than words possibly could. Strong character and determined to win, this is Jesse Owens.”

Jesse Leng, RUDIS Managing Partner and CEO talks about the connection between wrestling, RUDIS, and Jesse Owens. “There are unique virtues found in the individual pursuit of greatness. While this pursuit is often one of solitude, the expression of these virtues can connect us all. This is Wrestling. While Jesse Owens never wrestled on the mat, HE WAS A WRESTLER.”

RUDIS has been unique in bringing icons outside the sport such as MARVEL, Rocky, and AC/DC officially into the fabric of wrestling. Jesse Owens is an exciting addition to the growing number of RUDIS collaborations that hit home with wrestling culture. The officially licensed apparel line highlights Owen’s accomplishments on garments the wrestling community has grown to love. 

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