Failure Is a Product of Long Term Success

This episode Cary Kolat and Matt Dernlan discuss Ch. 4 “Life’s Not Fair. Drive On.” from the book Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life…And Maybe the World by Admiral William H. McRaven. This chapter talks about the way you look at life and how you react to adversity and obstacles in your way. It’s hard to be confronted with this so directly but it’s a reality. Success is built up by a series of failure and struggle that you learn to overcome. This is why you need to learn to embrace failure and truly reflect on those times in order to improve. 

Take a Risk (6:45)

Kolat has always advocated for self-sufficiency. You can’t be fully dependent on another person or group and you can’t blame them when something doesn’t go right. When coaching, Kolat won’t discipline a wrestler who is doing everything right by getting good grades and competing his hardest the same as one who is lacking in the classroom and not giving their all on the mat. Kolat talks about life not being fair and uses the example of the workplace rewarding the best. Being forced to take accountability you are going to fail but you’ll reap the rewards of learning from those experiences. A good parent and coach have a balance between knowing when to hold someone’s hand and when it’s better for them to try themselves and learn.

Failure Is Giving Up (15:40)

Navigating his career, Kolat distinguishes the differences between a setback and a failure. If you give up, that’s a failure but if you get up and try again or learn for the next time that’s a setback. Kolat also discusses reality is everyone is clawing their way to the top and people don’t have a problem stepping on you to get there. Where success becomes a real possibility is when you’re comfortable being uncomfortable. If you learn how to truly lean into discomfort is when you open up opportunities for success. The last thing Kolat mentions is not giving up doesn’t mean you endure discomfort for a week it means you dedicate months and years to the goal you’re working towards.


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