Current Events

On this episode Ben Askren and Matt Dernlan discuss. They kick off the podcast with some current events surrounding RUDIS. Dernlan talks about the recent signings of both Myles Martin and Kayla Miracle. Askren brings up how he is growing women’s wrestling at Askren Wrestling Academy. He finds the struggle to be keeping women in the sport moving from youth to high school wrestling. The next few years are going to be extremely big and we will see much higher participation at the high school level.

Logan Stieber Retires (6:30)

Another recent event was the announcement that Logan Stieber is retiring from competing. Askren and Dernlan talk about Stieber’s storied career. Askren says how hard it can be to step away even if you’re motivation isn’t as strong as it use to be. It shows his integrity and honesty with himself, his family, friends, and supporters. Logan will continue his career as a coach at the Ohio Regional Training Center. 

Pan American Championships (12:35)

The Men’s freestyle team won all 10 gold medals which is the first time a team has done this in Pan Am history. The Women also won the team title for the USA including 3 gold medals. Although Cuba made it to 3 gold medal matches Askren wonders what the reasons are that Cuba isn’t as much of a dominant force as they once were. They breakdown the Jordan Burroughs vs Jevon Balfour match. Burroughs defeated Canada’s Balfour in a 7-0 decision.

Non-Olympic Weight Classes (23:11)

Askren was surprised to see how many countries didn’t send athletes to compete in the weight classes that are not in the Olympics. Dernlan says this is most likely due to funding. Even during the World Championships, we see countries pick and choose where they want to be competitive.

U.S. Open LIVE Podcast (24:06)

Askren and Dernlan will both be in Las Vegas for the U.S. Open Wrestling Championships. They plan on having a live podcast from Vegas. Informing the unaware, Dernlan talks about how if a wrestler got a medal at the previous years World Championships they get an automatic ride to Final X and therefore do not have to wrestle at the Open. 57 kg is an exciting weight class that Askren says has a lot of wild cards beyond the front runners like Daton Fix and Thomas Gilman. One being RUDIS’ own Nathan Tomasello who hasn’t competed since Midlands and is ready to show the world what they’ve been missing.

61 kg (32:40)

With a lot of the big names sitting out of the U.S. Open 61 kg is an interesting weight class. Askren and Dernlan agree with their prediction of Nico Megaludis taking the gold home with him.

65 kg (34:54)

This weight class is stacked and Dernlan is calling this the most exciting weight class of the tournament. The U.S. has struggled at this weight class and it’s extremely surprising considering the level of talent. Askren picks Zain Retherford to win it all.

70 kg (39:50)

Dernlan picks Jason Nolf to beat James Green in the Finals. Askren picks Nolf as well.

74 kg (41:04)

Dernlan has Isaiah Martinez running through the competition and Askren agrees.

79 kg (42:04)

79 is a small weight class and not an Olympic weight class. Askren and Dernlan say Alex Dieringer takes the win here. It would be interesting if Zahid Valencia was competing against this group.

86 kg (44:49)

Askren and Dernlan pick Myles Martin to win it all.

92 kg (46:04)

Askren is interested as everyone is to see how competitive Nickal will be with J’Den Cox but in the meantime both Askren and Dernlan have Nickal winning the Open at 92 kg.

97 kg (47:07)

Dernlan picks Kyven Gadson vs Ty Walz in the finals. Askren picks Gadson to win.

125 kg (47:55)

Askren and Dernlan pick Adam Coon to win this weight class with not much trouble.

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