The Next Chapter

On this special edition of the RUDIS Wrestling Podcast, Matt Dernlan sits down in the studio with 2016 World Gold Medalist, four-time NCAA Champion, 2018 World Cup Champion, and 2018 Pan American Champion Logan Stieber. Stieber recently announced his retirement from active wrestling and will focus on coaching at the Ohio RTC as well as at his newest endeavor Stieber Elite Wrestling Academy. Stieber will start workouts this September and you can register at Stieber Elite will be held at the brand new Jennings Family Wrestling Facility three times a week.

Guiding the Parents (8:52)

Stieber talks about how one of his main focuses with his academy is to help the parents of wrestlers. He has seen talented wrestlers with enormous potential form a negative connotation around competing or be hindered because of the stress put on them from parents. Wrestling is tough and as a coach, Stieber’s goal is to prepare, motivate, teach, and support. He also touches on how a drive to be a successful wrestler stems out into everything else in your life. A passion for wrestling can create so many opportunities that wouldn’t present themselves otherwise.

Having Fun by Getting Better (20:20)

Dernlan talks about how coaching youth wrestlers can be harder than coaching at the collegiate level. By the time a wrestler is recruited to a D1 program, they’re already motivated to win. Being the person that sparks love and appreciation for the sport as well as the one to give them the skills to be successful is a tough task and a huge responsibility. Part of building the love for the sport is the friendships you gain from being involved. Anyone who grew up playing sports can attest the fact that they form bonds and friendships that last a lifetime. One way Stieber speaks about having fun while wrestling is by sparring or play-wrestling. Drilling is important but things don’t happen perfectly in a match and learning to flow from position to position is crucial. Teaching young wrestlers to not get frustrated during play-wrestling and learning to be defensive is also important. Overall, developing a passion for knowledge and development is something that will not only help your wrestling but everything else in your life.

Wrestling is Evolving (30:45)

Speaking on the passion for knowledge and getting better everyday Dernlan says one of the best things about the sport is constantly looking to get better. The sport evolves at an incredible pace because the people involved are always pushing each other to grow. The way to get better in the practice room is to let your ego go at the door. Dernlan speaks on not thinking about winning or losing in the practice room but focusing on getting better.

Being the Example (41:47)

Stieber talks about his passion for wrestling and how it’s evolved into a way of life for him. Being a good mentor, coach, and role model for young athletes and their parents aligns perfectly with what he wants to be.

Balance (44:00)

Speaking on the importance of balance Dernlan knows parents have the best intentions but sometimes fall into the trap of thinking their kid needs to be 100% focused on one thing only. Balance is important and while your goals will never leave you understand that your life needs balance. Dernlan talks about going all in on everything in your life. If you’re hanging with friends focus on being the best friend you can be or if you’re in class focus on being the best student you can. When it’s time to practice, wrestle, and prepare focus on being the best wrestler you can be.



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