Spencer Lee Before Iowa

On this special episode of the RUDIS Wrestling Podcast, Ben Askren sits down with 2x NCAA Champion and Iowa Hawkeye Spencer Lee for an exclusive interview. Askren first met Lee at Young Guns Camp when Lee was a sophomore or junior in high school. Even at that time, Lee was a wrestling prodigy with 3 Pennslyvania State Titles a Cadet World Title and 2 Junior World Titles. They talk about Lee’s beginning experiences with the sport of wrestling, how he developed his skills and the mindset ingrained in him from his father. Next, they get into Lee’s experience winning Cadet Worlds. Askren and Lee also talk recruitment and how it was between Iowa, Iowa State, and Penn State when he was deciding where he wanted to wrestle in college. Lee talks about the process of getting back into competition and rehabbing his knee injury.

Austin DeSanto and Wrestling Conditioning

Askren brings up the topic of Austin DeSanto. Ever since high school and DeSanto beat Lee at states they had mutual respect. Lee talks about wanting DeSanto to come to Iowa and how it all worked out in the end. The next topic Askren and Lee get into is wrestling conditioning and lifting weights. Lee works with Iowa’s strength and conditioning coach but overall doesn’t stress strength and is more focused on being a technician with a gas tank that won’t fail him during the crucial moments of a match.

Freestyle Career and Iowa Hawkeye Wrestling Style

Askren asks Lee to talk about his future plans competing in freestyle and chasing Olympic Gold. Lee says he does not have plans set in stone. He will continue to discuss with the people around him and his coaches to figure out what’s best for him and his career. The last topic is about the Iowa Hawkeyes and their style of wrestling. Askren has picked Iowa to win next years team title. Lee agrees that they have more than enough talent and the opportunity is there for the taking they just have to execute and avoid injury to the best of their ability.


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