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3-Pack: 2 T-Shirt & 1 Outerwear Mystery Box


The 3-Pack: 2 T-Shirts & 1 Outerwear Mystery Box includes three garments of the same size.  Each pack includes one hoodie, jacket, crewneck, or 1/4 zip and two t-shirts (long sleeve or short sleeve).  Who knows what the newest additions to your closet will be.

Mystery Box items are not eligible for returns or exchanges.   Requests for specific items or multiple sizes within a RUDIS 3-Pack T-Shirt & Pullover Mystery Box cannot be honored.  Duplicate items may be received if multiple Mystery Boxes are ordered.

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9 Reviews
Average Rating: 5 out of 5

    I feel great wearing this long sleeve. I recently threw it on when I was leaving the gym and it was just enough to keep me warm but still breathable. I’m definitely going to order it in the other colors.

    Feb 28, 2021-

    AWESOME SHOE! Fits great! Love the inter ankle strap! Best sole traction! Highly recommend! I love this product! Outstanding job for wrestling foot wear!

    Feb 23, 2021-