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NTN Crew | RUDIS Supply

NTN Crew | RUDIS Supply
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Our NTN (Next to Nothing) Crew is the lightest weight shirt you will ever own. Breathable and perfect for summer, this shirt is even lighter than our signature Super Soft T-Shirt. Ultra-smooth material with a buttery-soft feel, the NTN Crew is nothing but comfort. Featuring our athletic cut and mid-bicep sleeve length. The NTN Crew is offered in 5 colors.

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9 Reviews
Average Rating: 5 out of 5

    This is seriously the softest shirt I own, and the colors of these look really good all around. Definitely going to be picking up more in the future

    Aug 5, 2020-

    I purchased one for my brother and one for my husband. Both have raved about the comfort of this shirt. They want it in every color!

    Aug 4, 2020-