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RUDIS Genesis Gearpack IV

RUDIS Genesis Gearpack IV

The RUDIS Genesis Gearpack IV is built to last. With upgraded zippers, enforced stitching, and durable materials throughout, this wrestling bag is made for life on and off the mat.

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6 Reviews
Average Rating: 4.67 out of 5

    Very nice bag, did not have very much room after I put my laptop inside though. I had to pack everything super tight because of my laptop being pushed by the curved bars in the back. Very good quality and a good day bag, but if you’re looking to bring your laptop and your wrestling stuff in one bag this may not be the best choice. Super super comfortable I must say though.

    Nov 17, 2021-

    The GearPak 4 is simply the best bag available – not only on RUDIS.com, but in all the world! …the galaxy!! …no, the UNIVERSE!!!

    Space, compartments, and quality – it is perfect. Big enough for gear for at least three days. Compartments for packing and quick-grab items. The zippers are strong, stitching is thorough, and the material is rugged.

    If you’re looking for a gear bag, look not further. THIS IS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oct 11, 2021-