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The must-have app for wrestlers and wrestlers at heart. Become a RUDIS+ member and unlock a curated library of 1,250+ wrestling videos built to give you the tactical advantage in the pursuit of greatness.

RUDIS+ Original Films

Full-length feature films with never-before-seen footage of untold wrestling stories. Kenny Monday, Bruce Burnett, Kendall Cross, and more talk about the struggles and defeats necessary to become the best in the world. Beyond entertainment, RUDIS+ Originals are a guide from legends of the past.

  • For wrestlers and wrestlers at heart. Beyond entertainment, this app will help you win.

  • Enter the minds of great athletes, unlock the world’s best wrestling matches, and learn from untold wrestling stories.


Learning becomes easy with the help of world-class technicians, on-screen instruction, and live-action footage showing real matches executing the move.  This in-depth curriculum is built for wrestlers of all levels and styles.

  • Save videos and personalize your library of curated wrestling content.

  • Free shipping with every order & early access to new product drops.

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3 Reviews
Average Rating: 4.67 out of 5

    It’s pretty good easy to navigate and lots of technique videos

    Oct 15, 2021-

    What a great addition to the wrestling world! Rudis continues to innovate and exceed expectations in the wrestling space.

    The annotated technique videos are amazing. Being able to listen to the elite wrestlers break down their pen matches and thinking is incredible. This is a TRUE resource for coaches and athletes.

    Oct 15, 2021-