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Samurai Speed Adult Wrestling Shoes

Samurai Speed Adult Wrestling Shoes
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The RUDIS Samurai pays homage to the life of a warrior while also serving as a weapon for those seeking victory in battle on the mat. Our lightest shoe to date, the RUDIS Samurai is built for the wrestler who knows speed is a powerful ally. Designed with a reinforced sock-like fit; the wrestler and the shoe truly become one. The one-piece omni-direction outsole provides a classic yet stealthy feel built for ultimate control.

The Samurai depiction was chosen as the Dave Schultz Wrestling Club logo, paying tribute to Dave’s studies of Miyamoto Musashi, and a life of excellence.

Inspired by Dave Schultz, the RUDIS Samurai is a reflection of the way Dave lived his life both on and off the mat.

Need help selecting the best shoe for you? Follow our fit guide to optimize your performance.


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2 Reviews
Average Rating: 4.5 out of 5

    I’m marking this as a 4 star because I feel like there is always room to improve, but not by much on this product. My son is thrilled with them, says they feel like wearing socks and are lightweight.

    May 16, 2022-

    Great wrestling shoe! Fits like a glove on the mat, extremely lightweight

    Mar 28, 2022-