Samurai Speed Great Wave Youth Wrestling Shoes



Samurai Speed Great Wave Youth Wrestling Shoes



Become like water and move with fluidity. The Samurai Speed Great Wave Wrestling Shoe is a tsunami waiting to be unleashed. Inspired by the “Great Wave Off Kanagawa,” this wrestling shoe infuses the beauty of art with functional design. A continuation of the Samurai Speed Collection, the Great Wave is a reflection of Dave Schultz’s love for Miyamoto Musashi. The Samurai mark is an emblem representing the Dave Schultz Wrestling Club and his pursuit of excellence.

Sock-Like Feel

  • Stretch zone over the ankle bone creating a soft hinge for premium flexibility
  • Support Zone provided by computerized stitching throughout the inside and outside of the arch
  • Sculpted Achilles pillows for heel lock
  • Ankle strap with a gore section for stretch and flexibility

Stealth-Like Movement

  • A repeating serpentine omni-directional outsole provides the ultimate mat feel
  • Sidewall of the rubber wraps up over the toe to provide forward drive
  • Slim Fit, Non-binding upper that moves with your foot
  • Lightweight for wrestlers who care about speed on the mat

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