Marysville, OH May 23, 2019

RUDIS, the fastest growing apparel company in wrestling, continues its mission to elevate the sport by introducing a collaboration with the iconic cinematic franchise ROCKY. The ROCKY story has inspired millions of lives over the past four decades. Far beyond the silver screen and the ring, the film series has been a platform for inspiration for countless athletes and individuals on a journey towards greatness.


RUDIS Co-Founder Tommy Rowlands comments on the connection between ROCKY and RUDIS.“Rocky Balboa exudes the essence of RUDIS. Competing at the highest level is a journey of self-evaluation and refinement. Rocky’s innate desire to do right by others and himself while also maximizing his full potential as a person is consistent with the RUDIS brand message.  Checkered with both tragic failure and legendary success, we feel Rocky’s journey is easily identifiable and appreciated by our consumers.”

Through original artwork across a variety of apparel categories Rocky Balboa, Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang, Ivan Drago, and Mickey Goldmill will be featured for the first time within the National Wrestling Community. The initial product launch will be available exclusively through RUDIS’ website, Following the 2017 release of a complete MARVEL apparel line, the RUDIS + ROCKY line is the latest of RUDIS’ crossover into mainstream licensed products.

This will be the first official introduction of Rocky to the national wrestling community and RUDIS Managing Partner and President, Jesse Leng, could not be more excited about the initiative. “This is a watershed moment – not just for RUDIS – but for the entire wrestling community. Boxing and wrestling share the same core fundamental challenge. It is not just one person battling against another, it is you battling yourself. To most, Rocky is a fictional character but to a wrestler and to wrestling, Rocky Balboa provides a narrative to their lives. Rocky is one of the few individuals that inspired wrestlers of all ages without ever stepping on the mat.”


Jeff Jordan, RUDIS Co-Founder and Former Head Coach of national wrestling powerhouse, St. Paris Graham, speaks about the impact of ROCKY. “The Rocky film series has always played an important role in the lives’ of wrestlers. It portrays and ingrains the idea that when hard work is combined with an insatiable hunger the “underdog” can WIN. As a coach, I always wanted my athletes to be fully committed, and trusting in the process without hesitation, just as Rocky did with Mick.”


2x World and Olympic Champion Kyle Snyder shares his connection to the franchise: “Three things come to mind when I think of ROCKY. Heart, Grit, and GO THE DISTANCE. Rocky embodied this in the way he fought and I try to do the same. It’s not about the opportunity to win, but knowing you competed fiercely, to fuel the passion.”


For RUDIS and ROCKY, the journey is ‘A Way of Life’.

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