Cary Kolat Joins RUDIS

This week the RUDIS Wrestling Podcast begins with an exciting announcement. Cary Kolat has formally joined the RUDIS team in a content partnership. RUDIS is very excited for the future and excited for the opportunities this presents. Cary Kolat’s first content contribution will air Wednesday November 21, 2018 and will be called Ask Kolat. Listeners will be able to ask questions to Kolat and learn from his expertise. In the next few weeks RUDIS will also be releasing another podcast featuring Cary Kolat. 

Composure in the Corner

After the exciting announcement of Cary Kolat’s official partnership with RUDIS, conversation shifts to something Ben noticed over the weekend. Coaches complaining and asking for calls. Specifically, Princeton’s assistant coach Nate Jackson’s behavior after their dual meet against Wisconsin.  Ben notes how whining for calls from the corner has become very common throughout the sport. This often distracts from the match itself. Matt said during his time as a coach, as long as the calls were consistent throughout the match, there was never a need to complain. Matt believes that younger coaches in the sport, like Nate Jackson, who recently stopped competing have trouble containing their emotions in the corner. This requires experience and shows in older coaches who are clearly very tactical about when and which calls they will argue from the corner.

Minnesota Vs. Oklahoma

Conversation takes a turn towards wrestling from the weekend. Ben and Matt begin discussions with the Minnesota and Oklahoma State dual. They focus specifically on the matches of Daton Fix the 133lb for Oklahoma and Gable Steveson the 285lb for Minnesota. Both wrestlers had fantastic matches and set the pace for the rest of their upcoming season. Fix, ranked 9th nationally as a redshirt freshman, won by 6-1 Decision over 6th nationally ranked Ethan Lizak. Gable Steveson, the number 1 overall recruit from 2018 and Ranked 5th nationally, walked through 3rd ranked Derek White with a 8-2 Decision. Matt also notes that the match between Mitch Mckee and Kaid Brock was incredibly entertaining. Mckee gained his first folkstyle win over Brock but it appeared Brock seemed to tire towards the end of the match.

Wrestling Season Is A Marathon

After discussing Brock’s conditioning, the topic of early season preparation spins into its own discussion. Ben brings up the notion that small teams outwork the higher skilled teams early in the season to achieve high ranking, but come the NCAA tournament time when everyone is in shape many of the smaller programs under perform as they no longer have that advantage.


To finish out the podcast, Ben and Matt return to discussions of the Oklahoma State vs Minnesota dual, focusing specifically on Gable Steveson. Steveson’s impressive win over Derek White shows his intended dominance in the weight-class. As a true freshman it is hard to predict how his season will play out, but if he continues to perform as he did against White, it should be quite eventful.  

Ben and Matt close the podcast excited for the next episode. Listeners can expect discussions about Iowa’s victory over Princeton, Nebraska and Arizona State who both had full schedules this past week, and finally Virginia Tech’s two losses to Northwestern and Missouri.

Show Timestamps

0:00 – Kolat and Other Holiday Surprises

7:27 – Coaches Complaining From the Corner

14:59 – Oklahoma State Vs Minnesota

16:00 – Daton Fix

25:40 – Brock Vs Mckee

34:50 – Gable Steveson

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The RUDIS Wrestling Podcast is hosted Ben Askren and Matt Dernlan. Ben Askren, World Champion and Olympic wrestler, joins RUDIS from the T-Row & Funky Show in an official partnership as a content provider for all things RUDIS. Matt Dernlan joins from a D1 college coaching background with family roots grounded in Ohio wrestling with a collective 10 state titles on the shelf.