On this episode of the RUDIS Wrestling Podcast Matt Dernlan and Jason Bryant catch up after a short break to recap Ohio State vs Penn State and Iowa vs Minnesota, as well as look ahead to the final week of Dual Meets to come. They discuss in detail the matchup between Luke Pletcher and Nick Lee along with the astounding performance of “Gas Tank” Gary Traub as well as some highlighting stand out matches from Iowa vs Minnesota. Show Notes 0:00 Show Introduction 6:09 Premiere Wrestling Events to come 10:21 A look ahead to the final Dual Meets 12:08 Advancements in Women’s Wrestling 16:24 Penn State vs Ohio State Recap 17:00 141 lbs Lee vs Pletcher 35:00 149 lbs Sasso vs Verkleeren 37:07 157 lbs Kinner vs Berge 42:14 165-197 lbs Recap 45:49 Heavyweight Traub vs Nevills 50:00 Iowa vs Minessota Recap 1:04:22 Show Close and Look Ahead


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